A Good Death?

13 May 2014 14:00 - 16:00

What shapes our ideas about what a ‘good death’ looks like? What meaning does the concept of a good death have in a morally and religiously plural society?

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The panel will explore how the concept of a good death has developed through history, using insights from literature and music as well as from personal experience, and ask whether we can still hope to find any common understanding today.
Led by the chaplaincy team at the University of York which includes:
Revd. Dr. Rowan Williams, Anglican chaplain to the University of York, has a background in healthcare and a particular interest in palliative care.

Fr. Tony Lester, Roman Catholic chaplain to the University and Provincial Superior of the English Carmelite friars. He regularly offers spiritual care in York Hospital and York Hospice.

Revd. Rory Dalgliesh is a South African Methodist minister with a background in youthwork. He was involved with the Truth and Reconciliation process and is currently Methodist chaplain to the University.

Ged Walsh is Ecumenical Assistant Chaplain to the University and a member of the Chaplaincy team at York Hospital. He trained as a radiographer in Birmingham.

James Black is a final year History undergraduate whose dissertation focuses on death in the medieval period

Venue:  Research Centre for the Social Sciences

Price: Free

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