Celestial Bodies: A workshop discussion of death in outer space

14 May 2014 17:00 - 18:00

With greater numbers travelling further for longer, issues surrounding mortality in space travel are ever more timely. One-way missions to Mars are currently being planned, so death in space will no longer be a possibility – it will be a certainty.

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This session will provide you with an opportunity to discuss the practicalities, legalities and moralities of death and dying in space. Could you accept a one-way ticket to Mars, knowing that you would eventually end your life off-world? How will the funeral practices be adapted for interplanetary travel? What are the implications for conceptualisations of life, death and the afterlife?


Kelly Benneworth-Gray is a Lecturer in Sociology at the University of York interested in language and social interaction and how psychological experience is socially mediated.


Research Centre for the Social Sciences, University of York


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