Chris Larner’s ‘An Instinct for Kindness’

13 May 2014 19:30 - 22:30

In November 2010, Chris Larner accompanied his chronically ill ex-wife to Switzerland’s Dignitas clinic. He came home with an empty wheelchair and a story to tell.

Suitable for 14+ only.

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A one man show telling the true story of Chris Larner’s journey to Dignitas, the assisted suicide clinic in Switzerland, with his chronically ill ex-wife. This moving bittersweet show reflects on the circumstances, morality and humanity surrounding the journey.  Chris explores both the profound personal implications and the wider ethical considerations of the contentious issues of assisted dying.


The performance will be followed by a discussion with Chris Larner himself for those who want to stay afterwards and discuss the topics raised.




 “A wonderfully subtle and deceptively understated performance…. This is story-telling of a very high order” (The Times)


“Intensely moving, at times overwhelming… Larner relates it all with a clear-eyed, occasionally funny, occasionally horrifying lack of sentimentality.” (The Independent)


Upstage Centre Youth Theatre, Monkgate YO31 7PB


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Suitable for 14+ Only.

Telephone: 01904 323041


Price: Admission £10, Concessions £8

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