Thinking About Death: A Symposium

15 May 2014 11:00 - 13:00

A varied selection of short talks exploring the meaning of death and how it is understood and experienced both at an individual level and societally.

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Children and Grief,  Sue Gill

An introduction to the work Cruse Bereavement Care is doing with bereaved children and young people in York and North Yorkshire.   Every 30 minutes the parent of a child under 18 dies and all children need an appropriate response from their community (family, school etc).


Music at Funerals, John Francis Moss

‘Our music’ may be an expression of our lives, but what choices do people make when music needs to be an expression of our death?  In a short paper, John Francis Moss explores some of the meanings behind the choice of music at funerals, and suggests how best to use music within the shape, structure and context of a largely spoken ritual.


What is Death?,  Stephen Holland

Defining death has become controversial because of developments in medical technology.  As a result, whether certain people are alive or dead can be unclear.  In this talk, a distinctive way of understanding death is presented and applied to one category of patients, namely, those in a permanent vegetative state.


Family experiences of grief and funerals when vegetative relatives die:  Developing a HealthTalkOnline Resource, Jenny Kitzinger

When someone dies after having been maintained in a long-term coma, the experience of grief and of planning and experiencing a funeral can be very different.  This talk draws on filmed interviews with family members talking about their experiences.


Death and Decision-Making, Sue Wilkinson

What are the obstacles people face in making decisions about their own future end-of life care?  Based on her research with the charity Compassion in Dying, Sue will talk about the difficulties people face when they try to plan ahead – and how to overcome them.


Research Centre for the Social Sciences, University of York


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