The Before I Die Festival had its first year in 2013 at Cardiff University curated by Professor Jenny Kitzinger. Following its success the festival is set for a second year, this year hosted by University of York and curated by Professor Celia Kitzinger.

My interest in curating this festival grew out of my research exploring people’s experiences of having a loved one in a long-term coma and their thoughts on what makes for a ‘good death’.Photo-1-Celia-Kitzinger

I hope you enjoy our festival, and that it provokes conversations with family and friends about end-of-life wishes, supports us in thinking about our own mortality, allows us to reflect on grief and loss, and helps to develop the social and policy context to support as good a death as possible for each of us.

University of York and Celia Kitzinger are excited to be overseeing the second year of the Before I Die festival. Working to bring York’s unique and distinctive history and culture alive following the festival’s success from 2013 to bring the festival to a whole new audience.

You’re sure to find a few events that will spark a few interesting questions about death and help you discover a new approach to end of life questions.

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